Mr Knott goes to college…

Mr Knott (Senior Designer here at StockdaleMartin) is currently in the second year of an MA in Design Studies at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.

Firmly ensconced in his final year project, he’s found time to give us a brief low-down on what he’s been doing all this time. . .

The MA in Design Studies (or “MADS” as it’s commonly known!) is subtitled “Applying the Imagination”. Focussing largely on the creative process and its application within business, the course aim is to approach the subject of creative innovation through both experimentation with, and anticipation of, new ideas and methods.

So far the course has involved devising experimental ways to investigate abstract questions – developing techniques that question conventional thinking and inventing new ways to search for answers.

Use of “artefacts” is a key theme within the course – such artefacts allow the testing of creative expression by iteration and development of a concept using a physical manifestation.

The final Year’s project requires all students to choose a subject area of personal interest – for me this has allowed me to combine my two life-long interests in both design and music. My project is specifically concerned with investigations into the creative future of music, the thrust being to develop new processes that can encourage creativity.

I’m currently looking at both ‘viral’ adaption and collaborative systems – the next step along this journey will be to take my ideas to experts in the music field for review, so I’ll post any resulting responses or feedback as / when. I have also started a blog to document the project:



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